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Where mindset, wealth consciousness and confidence, meets business strategy, action and sisterhood.

This is the place where your online business transforms from hectic hot mess, to thriving, consistent success.

Because, let's face it: life is flying by fast, and you don’t want to spend another minute of it feeling stressed, burnt out or broke.

You know you’ve got something big to offer to the world. It’s calling you, constantly, but you’re dismissing it and letting fear take over.  

‘Who am I to do work I love?’  

‘Who am I to earn more than my family and friends?’  

‘Who am I to live a free and fulfilled life?’  

Let me tell you who you are…  

YOU are a radiant soul who deserves absolutely everything you desire and more.  

Your desires are there for a reason (yes, those ones tugging at you that you keep trying to ignore).  

Your desires are in your heart and imagination because they already exist and are meant for you.  

They’re simply waiting for you to BELIEVE you can have them.  

 So it’s time to start doing just that..  

I’m here to shower you with unshakeable confidence in yourself and your business, to fill you with conviction that you can achieve your desires, and to make sure you’re unavailable for anything less than the things you want for your life.

So you can run a business that fills your heart AND your bank balance.  

Hi! I'm Louise George, an award winning transformational coach, business mentor and speaker. And I’m on a mission on this planet to support as many women as possible to live a free and joyful life. And I so want that for YOU.  

In 2016 I took my company from 0-6 figures in less than a year and worked with hundreds of women: 1-1, in workshops and at events. While building my company, I traveled the world, as a speaker and for my own business development and pleasure. I created this Passion - Prosperity group programme to support you in creating high-level programmes and clients, so you too can live the life you dream of.


  • Get clear on your purpose, your ‘why’, your ideal clients, your offerings and the direction of your business and your brand. 
  • Be the woman who is willing to do the work, who makes her desires a non-negotiable and is consistent and persistent with her actions 
  • Create healthy habits and practices to condition your mindset and ‘prime’ yourself for success
  • Surround yourself with people who are rooting for you and your success



2 in-person days with me and your mastermind sisters in London, where we’ll be refining your business model (so it’s easy to follow and secure the clients and income you desire consistently), honing a powerful money mindset (so you can own your worth, raise your prices and still attract your dream clients), and doing really deep work on enhancing your confidence (so you can show up fully, authentically and consistently in your business and become the ‘go-to’ expert in your industry.)


You’ll be supported by me and your mastermind sisters on 6 x 2 hour intensive group coaching calls. I’ll be taking you through the groundwork and practical action-steps to build your business as well as the deep mindset work it takes to grow a sustainable business that will support your desires. 

Whether you want to earn while travelling the world, or to have more income and time to spend with your family, I’ll be guiding you bi-weekly on how you can grow a thriving online business that works around your desired lifestyle. You’ll receive powerful accountability to move you along your journey, to help you get focused and take action in the RIGHT places of your business (no more busy work that sends you round in circles, just full-on focus that takes you towards your dreams.)


Packed with everything you need to run a thriving online business: a step-by-step guide to building your email list, an easy to follow plan to consistently grow your social media community, a guide to master discovery calls with ease and confidence, high-vibe meditations to get you into ‘peak state’ to run your business daily, and much more.



The Passion-Prosperity programme is designed to teach you how to run a thriving online business, raise your rates, and attract dreamy clients you LOVE. You'll upgrade your mindset in a BIG way, shift your stubborn blocks that have been keeping you stuck for so long, and drive your business forwards with focus, clarity and purpose, so you can make the impact and income you desire and deserve, now!



  • De-cluttering to make space for your business success (which includes uncovering and getting rid of anything that no longer serves you, physically and mentally)
  • Gaining clarity on your true desires, your purpose & why (so you know the exact direction you and your business are heading) 
  • Understanding your story and what makes you unique (so you can attract the people that love YOU for YOU!) 
  • Vision for your business and how to reach your goals (so you can spark a white-heat desire and reach your wants faster)


  • Identifying and re-programming the limiting beliefs that have been keeping you stuck 
  • Transforming your wealth consciousness and removing those crappy money stories (so you're able to create the income you desire with ease)
  • Law Of Attraction - so you'll know how you can manifest your desires in reality 
  • How to focus on positive thoughts and beliefs to boost your self-confidence and show up in your business consistently 


  • Designing a high-level programme your ideal clients will love (so you can earn more, and work less - hurrah!) 
  • Your simple business model for success (so earning what you desire is easy) 
  • How to create consistent clients and income (no more hustle and struggle) 
  • Monthly, weekly and daily actions to work towards your goals (so you'll always know what to focus on!)


  • Masterminding with your Passion-Prosperity sisters (because there's nothing quite like a team of supportive sisters cheering you on!) 
  • The power of masterminding to support your growth and success 
  • How to consistently be creating new relationships and business connectors 


Passion - Prosperity P.L.A.N is your model for success in business, the model that took me from fear to freedom and 0 to 20k months in my passion based business. 

  • From the moment you decide to join us, you'll have immediate access to our Luminary Online members site, full of trainings and workbooks, to support you in running a successful business. 
  • We begin the programme with a 5* in person mastermind event, in London (or via live stream if you can't make it to London), where you'll overcome your overwhelm, take back control of your business, spark major mindset shifts, and make really practical next steps, to grow, scale and upgrade your business and life to the next level of income and impact, with your passion - prosperity sisters. (*travel and accommodation not included) 
  • This momentum and magic from the mastermind event will be followed with a 90 day mastermind with 6 x 2 hour (bi-weeky) intensive sessions - via Zoom, where, in the comfort of an intimate sisterhood, I'll help you uncover what's working and what's not working in your business, how you can harness your power, confidence and desires to get you fired up and focused, and how you can create and sell your high-level, signature programme. This incredible group coaching programme is all about connecting with like-minded business women, and getting laser-focused coaching support from me. 
  • Plus, live Q&A at the end of each call, where you get the chance for more LIVE personal coaching.


- An unshakeable confidence in yourself and your business

- A mega-blast of abundance that leaves you unavailable for anything other than your dream life

- Crystal clear clarity on your next steps for massive momentum and traction in your business

- A high-level strategy for raising your rates and creating and selling your premium packages with ease

- A rock solid business model for securing your desired income consistently 

- A jackpot of tools to keep you fiercely focused on your vision and mission every damn day 

- A power-packed toolkit for meeting, attracting and securing your dream clients consistently 

- A tight-knit sisterhood of women who mean business that whole-heartedly believe in you and have your back from here on out 

Members of the Passion to Prosperity Mastermind have been known to secure book deals within 2 days of the event, triple their package prices and secure a YES within a week, and launch the damn business they’ve been wishing and wondering about for months! 

But don’t just take my word for it…


"The most amazing two days ever!! And the changes that have followed the event have meant that my business is growing daily!! I can and I will accomplish my dreams and I will stop giving up on myself!! Boom! Invest in yourself and magic happens. Thanks Louise you are an absolute babe!!" - Kirsten Davies, Nutritionist and Founder of

“What an incredible 2 days! My biggest transformation has been that I'm no longer available for “either / or.” I found when I was a lawyer I made sacrifices with my time, my feelings and being my true feminine self in a masculine world where as women sacrifice for success or don't become much of one. When I left, I sacrificed my income, my stability and all the things I love to have to and do. I'm no longer available for any that! It's a case of having it all. Thank you Lou!” - Lulu Minns, Success Coach


- Summer Bonus Bundle Available Until June 28th! -

Bonus #1: A 90 minute 1:1 Money Mastery Breakthrough Session with me  

Together we’ll dive deep into your money blocks, unpick your menacing money stories, expand your wealth consciousness and recharge your mindset so you can stop feeling fear around money and allow it to flow freely to you! You’ll learn how you can rewire your thinking around money and enhance your energy to a whole new vibration to call in clients and income with ease.  

Value: £1200 

Bonus #2: A 2 hour 1:1 social media strategy session with Copywriter & Social Media Consultant, Sophie French  

Here you’ll get your social media sorted, from how to ensure your content is visually on-brand, how to write compelling copy and together you’ll put together a streamlined master strategy to attract clients online with ease. You’ll get the guidance, tools and ideas you need to get seen on social. PLUS, you’ll receive a social media content planner to make life super simple!  

Value: £575

- Bonus #3 - Immediate access to ALL Orientation Modules so you can get ahead - which include list-building 101, social media 101, discovery call confidence, ideal client cheat sheet and more. (Valued at £997 alone) 

This bonus bundle adds a huge £2772 value to your investment!


COPYWRITING >> A FREE Website Copy Review with Copywriter & Business Consultant Sophie French, which includes in-depth feedback and bespoke suggestions to improve your copy and speak to your ideal clients (to make it a HELL YES for them to work with you) 

BRANDING >> A FREE Branding Video Training with luxury branding expert Elva Li, to help you get your business and brand updated to align with YOU, so you’re recognised in your industry 

PR >> A FREE 20 min PR Strategy Session with PR Strategist for Creatives, Suzie Bartle, where you’ll be provided with advice and guidance on how to get your message, story and business into the media!

LEGAL >> A FREE Legal Call with my lawyer for heart-led creatives, Tash Minchella, to ensure you’re fully set-up with the legal side of your biz to protect yourself, your clients and your gorgeous brand 


You will also have lifetime access to all of our trainings and resources, which will be added to regularly and include the incredible tools below. Everything you need to build a successful online business or coaching practice.


We begin with a 5* in person Passion-Prosperity event, in luxury at the 5* Bingham Hotel in Richmond, London on Weds 5th-Thurs 6th July 2017, with your new business mastermind sisters. This is an incredible, high-vibe event, where we will be laying the foundations for what's to come. With a gorgeous 3 course lunch and champagne celebration at the end of the day. * travel and accommodation not included 

We'll be taking a look at where you are now, your goals for this programme and a strategy to get to where you want to be and how to make the most of our time together over the 12 weeks. 

You'll get chance to meet your Passion - Prosperity sisters, who you can mastermind with throughout this programme and well into the future of your business. You'll be bonded by your breakthroughs and may even become may become friends for life. 

We'll meditate together, plan together and get laser focused to take your business to the next level. I'll be sharing the exact steps that took me from 0 to over 100k in 2016 and the simple business model and programmes that helped get me there. 

You'll have the opportunity to be coached 1:1 by me and work through some of your biggest blocks and we will be finishing off with a champagne celebration!  

Having a group and mastermind last year helped me to accelerate my success. The combination of working with a high-level coach and having a sisterhood to support you, bounce ideas off and celebrate with you is invaluable.


Following our amazing event, you'll join me and your passion-prosperity sisters in our 90 day mastermind, with 6 x 2 hour (bi-weeky) intensive sessions via Zoom, where in the comfort of an intimate sisterhood, I'll help you uncover what's working and what's not working in your business, how you can harness your power, confidence and desires to get you fired up and focused, and how you can create and sell your high-level, signature programme. 

Bring your questions for me too, for a live Q&A at the end of each call, where you will have the chance for more personal coaching and my laser focused support on your business. Overcome your overwhelm, take back control of your business, spark major mindset shifts, and make really practical next steps, to grow, scale and upgrade your business and life to the next level of income and impact.


  • You will have access to Luminary Online members site straight away, full of trainings and workbooks to help you get moving, see all of the systems and structures I use to run my business and start creating your ideal clients and income now! 
  • Then meet us in London at a 2 day 5* event on 5th & 6th July to mastermind with me and your Passion - Prosperity Sisters  
  • We'll then be connecting in our intimate mastermind group for 2 hours, bi-weekly 
  • During the 6 (bi-weekly) 2 hour intensive calls we'll dive super deep into your blocks and your vision, helping you get to the next level in your business and fill your signature programme at premium prices.

You will have lots of great new tools, insights and systems to implement in your business, which is why sessions are split into 2 hour blocks, and bi-weekly. This way you get even more time to digest the work we do together each week, and bring any extra questions, 'a-ha's and revelations to the next call. Plus, you'll get access to a private mastermind Facebook group with your sisters to share your inspirations, get even more accountability and ask questions in between our calls.

Your Investment: £3000 

Doors Close In:  




As well as everything that's already included, you'll also have access to a private Facebook community, to continue masterminding with your Passion-Prosperity Sisters in between calls.

 Your Investment: £3000


It's possible for you too!

I invested over £40,000 in my own programmes and coaches last year alone, which helped me to raise my rates and learn the systems, structures and mindset needed to run a thriving business. In previous years I had experienced lack and scarcity, both in mindset and reality.

Thoughts become things and I have learned to create my reality and the mindset it takes to move from fear and lack to prosperity. 

  • I know what it takes to consistently create clients and income 
  • I know how to successfully raise prices and still attract your ideal clients 
  • I know there's no cookie cutter approach to business but have developed systems and structures that create success 
  • I know how to stay in 'peak state', to co-create with the universe to manifest the things I desire 

In 2016 I created a thriving 6 figure business from 0 and did that while traveling the world, including: LA, Florence, Paris, Denver, Bali and Miami, for speaking gigs, business and self development and pleasure. 

I also manifested a gorgeous new home, to spend our last months with our beloved Dalmatian #TroyTheSpottyRescueDog. So, I have also dealt with grief, loss and supported friends and family through big changes too. Life moves on while we're creating our businesses and it's not always easy but it is possible to create the life you dream of. 

I'm an expert in mindset and conscious language, highly intuitive and am able to very quickly cut through any BS (belief systems!) keeping you stuck, afraid and overwhelmed. I have worked with 100's of women worldwide and I would love to also support you in getting to the next level...

This combination of transformational mindset mastery and in-depth business training is your ticket to the life and business of your dreams. (Because it’s time you stopped settling for anything less.)

Your Investment: £3000 



If you've reached this point on the page, your soul is craving more, she is whispering to you to rise. 

Are you ready to take the next step and move forwards towards your dreams? Listen to your heart, your intuition. 

What I want more than anything is for you to share your incredible, unique gifts with the world. For you to be of high-service, in the way you desire to be, so you can make the positive change you're here to make and live your life to the full. 

We need you now, more than ever. We need all high-vibe women with incredible dreams to live them and inspire others to do the same. That's why I created these programmes. 

I want to empower you to step into your feminine power, to create your dream business and life, become the woman your ideal clients are looking for, the woman you desire to be. 

Imagine how it will feel to have support, to see your business dreams become a reality, to create consistent clients and income and to live the life you truly desire. 

Are you ready to turn your passion into prosperity and create the business and life you dream of now? Join us! 

I can't wait to get to know you. 

x Louise 


Is this for me if I’m new to business?

Yes, absolutely. This mastermind and programme is a catalyst for both getting your business off the ground AND experiencing the growth, expansion and results you desire. We’ll be laying the foundations that will set your business up for sustainability, as well as the cultivating the mindset practices to keep you focused consistently. You’ll have lifetime access to the online membership site, to your Facebook Mastermind Group AND to all of the calls and information during our time together, so you can go at the pace that suits you.

Is this for me if I’ve been in business for a while?

Yes! Sometimes when you’re in business, things evolve in a direction you didn’t plan on when you set out. It’s likely you now know what you love, and what you don’t want to do anymore, and this entire programme is designed to give you the confidence to ditch the things that don’t light you up, do more of the things that do, and earn an incredible living in the process. If you’ve not been seeing the clients or income you want in your business and are ready to take things to the next level, this is absolutely for you, not matter how long you’ve been in the business game.

Is this just for coaches?

Nope - this programme is for all online business owners who want to master the tools they need to run a successful and sustainable business. From coaches and consultants, to copywriters, designers, photographers, yoga teachers and more. If you run an online business and are ready to really experience the freedom and financial results you know you’re capable of, then this programme is for you. 

What’s different about this group programme to any others online?

It’s so easy to get caught up in our virtual world, and sometimes, meeting others online just isn’t enough. As solopreneurs (and human beings, actually) we crave connection with others. That’s why I’ve created this mastermind programme to ensure we kick-off with an in-person luxury event, so you can meet, connect with, chat openly with your mastermind sisters at the beginning of your transformation together. You’ll feel like you really KNOW each other, because you’ll have spent 2 full immersive days sharing your big dreams, and your blocks too. And that’s the magic kick-starter for our following 3 month mastermind journey together!

What if I can’t get to London for the two-day mastermind event?

If you live across the pond and flying in for the event isn’t achievable for you, you’ll have access to the day via a livestream, so you’ll still get to immerse yourself in all the power we’ll be harnessing over the 2-day event, and meet your mastermind sisters too.